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What do you hope to communicate through your artistic clothing range?

Through my artistic clothing range, I hope to communicate a message of self-expression and individuality. I believe that fashion is a powerful form of communication and can be used to convey personal style and creativity. I aim to provide customers with clothing that allows them to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, while also being comfortable and functional.


Additionally, I hope to promote the idea of sustainability in fashion. I aim to use sustainable materials and ethical production methods in the creation of my clothing, so that customers can feel good about what they wear, not just in terms of style, but also in terms of its impact on the environment and society.

Overall, I aim to create a clothing range that empowers people to express themselves, make a statement, and feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, all while promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.


Are there any aspects of your identity and lived experience that influence your designs?

Yes, many aspects of an individual's identity and lived experiences can influence their designs, as personal experiences and perspectives often play a significant role in the creative process. For instance, an individual's cultural background, upbringing, and life experiences can shape their design aesthetic and the messages they aim to convey through their work.

For a clothing designer, their personal style and preferences can also play a role in their designs. They may draw inspiration from the things they love and wear themselves, creating pieces that reflect their own sense of fashion and personal style.

Ultimately, the unique combination of an individual's identity, lived experiences, and personal preferences can come together to create a distinct voice in their work and set their designs apart from others in the industry.



Where do you find inspiration ?

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources, and it varies greatly from person to person. For me, I find inspiration in nature, art, architecture, or cultural traditions. Inspiration also comes from everyday life, such as people watching, travel, or simply observing the world around me.


 Are there any unique materials or tools that you use in your apparels?

Yes, I am using Kantha to design my clothing range. Kantha is a traditional form of embroidery originating from India and Bangladesh that involves layering pieces of fabric and stitching them together to create a new piece of cloth.

Incorporating kantha into clothing design adds an extra layer of texture and visual interest to the garment, while also paying homage to traditional techniques and cultural heritage.


In addition to kantha, I also use handmade techniques in the apparel. Handmade techniques, such as hand-dyeing, hand-weaving, and hand-embroidery, can add a personal touch and a sense of uniqueness to a piece of clothing. These techniques often involve more time and attention to detail than traditional methods, which can result in clothing that is not only visually striking but also has a story to tell.

Ultimately, the use of unique materials and techniques such as kantha and handmade processes help to set my work apart and allow me to create a distinct aesthetic, while also incorporating cultural heritage and personal touches into the design.




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