Mieko Mintz Original Kantha

Mieko has also been involved with the creation of new original print designs. She is strongly attracted to the sense of color and pattern that developed in Japanese kimono culture. She is also fascinated by the simple hand-stitching (kantha) that has evolved over hundreds of years in India. She has found that these two traditions perfectly complement each other. Her quest to merge these fashion cultures in her clothing design has culminated in these new collections.

Mieko Mintz Kantha, Born in Bengal

Kantha literally means “quilt of recycled cotton rag."  By joining layers of old saris with a simple running stitch, artisans create a wonderful rippled effect on the kantha throws.  Traditionally, artisans stitched with only white thread;  I introduced use of various colored threads to complement and contrast the woven or printed patterns of the cloth.   After making the saris into kantha throws, they are used as blankets or made into elegant clothing and accessories.

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